Ticket poster Jeremy Loops at Snowflake Venue
Time square Jeremy Loops Landscape

“For me, it’s the best work I’ve ever done”.

South African singer-songwriter Jeremy Loops is decisive and equally open to going with the flow, like the oceans that have become a metaphor for his life and music.

This best work he refers to is for his third album, Heard You Got Love released in 2022. The record, which has spawned three major hits already, Mortal Man, Til I Found You, and Better Together co-written with Ed Sheeran, was the culmination of a two-year release interruption due to the pandemic, something he grew to appreciate.

“The time at home let me slow down. It let me drill down on what brought me to music first – using song as a vehicle to capture emotions, a place, a time, a state of being,” he says. “The two whirlwind years before that was all about the live shows, my first love, and it’s great to be back at that place”.

The Cape Town-based artist built a cult-following off the power of his live shows, starting with tiny bars packed wall to wall in his hometown to sold out 5000-seater plus arenas in London and elsewhere around the world. That got him the attention of promoters and festivals around the world, with Jeremy opening for Twenty One Pilots on tour and playing the global festival circuit annually.

His two prior acclaimed albums, 2014’s Trading Change and 2018’s Critical Water, and their unique modern folk sound were the calling card for listeners around the globe. Among other accolades, he was nominated Best Newcomer at the South African Music Awards during the Trading Change era and won MTV Africa’s Best Alternative & Pop Album for Critical As Water.

One of South Africa’s biggest musical exports, Jeremy’s sold out multiple headline tours in Europe with total ticket sales in excess of 40,000 per tour, amassing 220 million cumulative streams. Heard You Got Love, featuring a lead single co-written with Ed Sheeran, Steve Mac, and Johnny McDaid, as well as other A-list contributors like Jake Gosling (Shawn Mendez), Edd Hollow (Lewis Capaldi), Carey Willets (Dermot Kennedy) and more, signals both the respect he holds among his peers but, more importantly, his positioning on the map globally.